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About Walnut Canyon Cabins
-Fredericksburg, Texas-

Welcome! We are Rhonda and Carl Rubadue. We are happy, relaxed
transplants to the Hill Country of Texas from the Intermountain West.
Rhonda is glad to be here away from the snows and winters of Utah, where
we had called home. Carl misses his 4 different seasons and appreciates that
Rhonda helps him get his "winter fix" with a ski trip every year!

After working behind a desk for decades as a Human Resources professional, Rhonda has embraced and adores our place here and is thrilled to share it with everyone! While Carl worked behind the scenes in many areas of the hospitality industry and obtaining a Certified executive Chef designation, he now looks forward to playing in the kitchen for just a few family and friends. Most of all Carl enjoys meeting our guests coupled with the time he gets to spend with Rhonda! From our first tour of this unique property, Walnut Canyon Cabins, we continue to be amazed with how lucky we were to find this stunning place and with everyone who walks through our doors!

We have 2 great boys, 2 incredible daughters-in-law and two wonderful grandchildren. We are truly blessed having a place like this for them to come and unplug from their daily lives! Now we just need to get the grandkids closer so we can visit more often!

We continue to be thrilled to live in and get to know this beautiful Hill Country of Texas and look forward to meeting all y'all as you are exploring or just relaxing in this wonderful area known as "The Hill Country".

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